Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Canada is having a federal election on Jan 23/06. Using Google news search, the internet, or online news sources (e.g. CBC website), find out some information about the upcoming election for a one-page election review. Why has it been "called" (announced)? What are the issues? Who are the main parties parities running in the election? Who are the party leaders? What "riding" (election region) do you live in? Which candidates can voters choose from in your region? What are the basic "platforms" (election promises) of the main parties? What results do you expect?

Bonus: leave a comment here with your prediciton of the election results (breakdown of seats or ridings won by each party). You can receive more bonus particiaption marks by responding to other questions (below) on this blog.

Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Maus feedback

In a comment, try to answer one or more of these questions:
1. Is the cartoon a legitimate way to convey the history of the Holoaust?
2. Is Maus a book about art or literature?
3. Is there anything wrong with portraying Jews as mice, Germans as cats, Poles as pigs and Americans as dogs? What do these animal images usually signify?
4. Do the drawings reflect some research about the camps and the process of the Holoaust?

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Global Warming

As we study landforms, climate, and ecology, consider for a moment the environmental issues which face Canada. Try to answer one or both of these questions in a comment:
1. Why is Global Warming such a big problem? How is it caused?
2. What do you think is the biggest environmental threat facing Canada? Describe the problem.