Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Structure Links

As you complete your notes on the Earth's structure and study cards on tectonics, faults & folds, you might find some of these links useful. Surf a few of the links, see if it makes sense, and try the quiz on Plate Tectonics, and the quiz on Faults & Folds.

Let me know by leaving a comment of there are any broken links and which sites you found most useful. Reminder that leaving comments can be another way for you to contribute to class and work on "Social Responsibility."

Plate Tectonics
USGS site on Plate Tectonics
Private (business?) site with great resources
Animation of plate movement
Quia Plate Tectonics quizzes
Position of the continents over time
Diagram of Plate Tectonics
Seafloor spreading
Plate movement in our area
physicalgeography.net on Plate Tectonics

Faults & Folds
PhysGeog Online - Faults/Folds
Fault & Fold Quiz
Dictionary of geologic term
USGS database of faults & folds
PhysGeog Online - Glossary

Earthquakes and Seismic Activity
List of recent earthquakes in Canada
National Geographic earthquake simulator

Vulcanism and Volcanic Activity
National Geographic volcano simulator
Another volcano simulator

New class! Geog 12!

September 2006... welcome back for what will be (for most of you) your last year in high school! This blog is for extending what we do in class, providing a place for links and related ideas, and a chance to discuss or participate where we haven't had time to do so in class.