Thursday, November 24, 2011

Immigration stories

Today's lesson in class relates to the wave of Canadian immigration that came about as the result of Macdonald's National Policy and Laurier's Last Best West campaign. You are also researching many of your own family's immigration stories, and the stories of thousands of other immigration stories can be found online. Share one!  Don't copy and past a huge story... leave your own story, or leave a link and brief summary of one you found.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Heritage Project Check-in

Hailey's great-x?-grandfather,
ship surgeon on  Lord Nelson's
HMS Victory at Trafalgar
SS10 students have been working on heritage research, trying to connect up their own cultural and/or personal background to some of the major themes in history and even some important events, people, and places. In fact, they are finding that it is all important because, for better or worse, our past helps define who we are now and what Canada is all about. Thanks to Courtney, Hailey & Melanie (here), Hailey (here), and Bethany (here) for sharing stories of their research-in-progress. I look forward to hearing more (hint, hint) and really look forward to EVERYONE in the two classes presenting in a couple of weeks. I've asked you to fill out check-in slips in class, but feel free to let me know here, too, how it's going. As always, don't leave info online you are not comfortable sharing - be websafe.