Thursday, December 13, 2012

Geography - December check in

Hello class. That's Thorin (son of Thrain, son of Thror), carrying both an axe and a sword... why not?  The sword is Orcrist, forged by elves in Gondolin long ago.  That's what's on my mind, with the Hobbit movie coming out tomorrow. What's on your mind?  Could you take a minute to check in?  Leave a comment giving a brief description of what you have planned so far for your final project in Geography.

Also, here are some links that we talked about in class but maybe you haven't had a chance to visit...

These are two videos recommended by your classmate CJ as a follow-up to our discussion yesterday on the purpose of our public education system (great discussion by the way!):
Hate school, but love education -
Changing Educational Paradigms -

Here is the other Geography teacher's blog I mentioned... notice what her students are talking and thinking about... feel free to leave comments there, too, if you want -- she has invited you to do so.

And finally here is the tool I was telling you about in class... maybe this might be an option for presenting your final project.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

France and North America

Hey SS9 students... as you wrap up your work on the French Revolution and the Settlement of New France -- the two parts of our unit "story" on France and North America -- here are some links to explore.

French Revolution quiz/games

Videos on the French Revolution

Provocative cartoon about revolutionaries in France - the Sans Culottes ("people without pants," named because they wore common-person trousers instead of the silk pants of the rich)

New France - awesome virtual museum!

New France - detailed history

Build up to the war between the French and British in New France (game)


Different topic, but maybe of interest...

Read one or both of these blog posts and leave a comment under the posts with your thoughts... what do you think about the kind of school this educator is describing?