Friday, December 18, 2015

Holiday Traditions

Check out some interesting links:

Christmas through the decades:

Christmas through the decades (tv show):

Christmas in the early 1900s:

1920s Christmas:

Kwanzaa Traditions:

Hanukkah Traditions:

Connections to Winter Solstice:

A guide to Festivus,  Holiday for the Rest Of Us:

You get the idea... so, what are your holiday traditions?  Not everybody celebrates Christmas, but every family has some kind of traditions that are important to them at this time of year, often revolving around food.

Use the comment feature below to mention your favourite holiday tradition, celebration, meal, or activity.

Eskimo Tags

Check out this article about "The Little-Known History of How the Canadian Government Made Inuit Wear ‘Eskimo Tags'."

It is yet another troubling example of how Canadians treated each other in the past, not necessarily one to another, but a government to it's people.  How does this compare to other past injustices in our country?

This topic is quite relevant this week -- the final publications of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission have been released.  Here is a news link to the story; it includes a summary (and a full link) to the Report's 94 Recommendations -- it's worth having a look. 

Are there a few of the 94 recommendations that could be achieved quickly (e.g. within a year)?

Leave a comment below with your thoughts on either the "Eskimo Tags" or the Truth and Reconciliation recommendations.