Monday, June 18, 2007

Review Instructions

Use the Exam Review Checklist (handed out in class) to build case for what you've done to prepare for the final exam. As you do this, you will likely see where there are gaps in your studying. Use the attached names & dates lists to check your knowledge of course-related events, and go over your review sheets (especially the essay-question prep as this is where most students lose marks). When you are ready, choose to either

a) listen to review podcasts at Mr.Thielmann's SS11 page. These are also posted at Mr. Leitch's site. These will be most useful if you follow along with matching notes or text. Best yet is to read notes/text first and use the podcasts to see what you have retained. or...

b) try the SS11 sample exam posted at BC Provincial Exam page.

or both! You are welcome to leave feedback here on either of these activities.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Great Canadian Geography Challenge

Try a quiz or two at Let us know (in a comment) how you did, or what you thought of the quiz questions, or something intereting you learned.