Monday, January 23, 2006

Global Citizens?

We are faced with a world that is very small and very big at the same time. One reason I think it is small is because technology has made everything available to us all the time. I also think that globalization has robbed many communities of their identity, making strip-malls out of towns and turning people into buyers, and threatening the environment. I think it the world is big because all of these changes make it harder for individuals to make meaningful connections to the people and places around them.

One idea tha comes up when we discuss Global Economy is "citizenship" -- What does it take to be a member of society? What does it matter whether Canada is influenced by the US or global culture & economics? Where does personal freedom and social responsibility begin? Do we "owe" anything to Canada?

I invite your comments on these questions or the topics of media awareness, globalization, citizenship, fast-food culture, or challenges to identity.