Monday, November 5, 2007

Ice Age question

What are you learning about glaciation learn from this webquest?

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  1. This webquest added to what I learned through the notes and through the text book about glaciation. I discovered more about Canada's rich glacial history and more specifically, the different ice ages. These include the Pleistocene Glaciation and the Little Ice Age. In terms of vocab, I learned more words that can be interchanged with the ones I already know such as roche moutonnee and sheepback rock. I was also made aware of completely new words such as nivation hollow and swarms that connect to words already learned in the notes. In the last part of the assignment, the evidence page, words were cemented in my mind by connecting pictures with them. Overall, I deepened my understanding of glaciers and was introduced to useful websites that I can use in the future as another study tool.