Thursday, January 21, 2010

Making Connections

Earthquake damage in Port-au-Prince, Haiti January 2010

We've looked at culture, environment, politics, and economy in our SS10 course... the history and geography of Canada, but these things are also unfolding around us in the world, from the Haitian earthquake to the Copenhagen Summit to the Olympics. What is a topic, project, idea, or story you'd like to think about as our course winds down?


  1. The Olympics are very interesting. This year, because they are in Vancouver, they caused many changes to the city. They have made highways and buildings to accommodate the needs of tourists coming to the city. But they have also taken away homes so that others can move into the apartments for the duration of the Olympics. This is all very unfortunate but it can also bring some joys. They inspire people to do better and work harder for their jobs. It has brought Canada a cultural experience and many economic ups and downs.

    -Meagan Howard-Gibbon

  2. Question: What will happen to Haiti?

    There are still so many people trapped and killed from this awful disaster that no one really knows where to go from here. Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western hemisphere and this earthquake destroyed all hope for Haiti. Haitian people have very strong spirits so they hope that Haiti can be fixed in some way. If Haiti people want to rebuild and fix it up they are going to need a lot of help. They need doctors and a lot of people who are willing to donate the money. Haiti will probably never recover because there is so much destroyed and it is too poor of a country.

    -Taylor Bachman

  3. The Olympics is a big deal in Canada this year because Vancouver is the hosting city. Canada has never won a gold medal hosting the Olympic games. People are arguing if the Olympics is good or bad for Canada. I personally think it is because it will give people more job to work for and they are building more houses for people. Another good aspect of the games is that they are making there city a lot more clean and removing all the homeless people. The Olympics will help Canada get noticed by the whole entire world.

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