Friday, December 18, 2015

Holiday Traditions

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You get the idea... so, what are your holiday traditions?  Not everybody celebrates Christmas, but every family has some kind of traditions that are important to them at this time of year, often revolving around food.

Use the comment feature below to mention your favourite holiday tradition, celebration, meal, or activity.


  1. Christmas Eve we go to church and then christmas day we bake stuff:) -SARAH ERICKSON

  2. Well, All my family gets drunk (only adults though, don't worry) then we play mad gab, basically we scream at eachother at top volume deep/high pitch voices and try to guess words. -Emma Robinson

  3. my favorite tradition is my thanksgiving tradition where we go hunting and bring home nothing it my favorite but it is one i wanna break. jason deruigh

  4. Christmas has Pagan roots-Liam Dobie

  5. I don't have many traditions but on Christmas Day, me and my family just get together and appreciate each others existence _ Abby Parker

  6. For my family traditions, I go to the beach and just surf - Keane Clarke