Friday, October 6, 2017

Human Experience at D.P. Todd

Task: go out and take some photos that relate to the human experience at D.P. Todd Secondary. Make a note of where they are taken on a map of the school. You can develop your own criteria for "human experience," but here are some ones we developed together in class:
  • safety features & processes
  • natural light vs artificial light
  • meetings places
  • high traffic areas
  • places to eat
  • food service
  • programs in operation
  • sound and music
  • state of technology
  • use of tables and seating
  • state of repair & equipment
  • accessibility (e.g. inclusive of disabilities)
  • private vs public places
  • connection to nature
  • doorway & entrance experience
  • noise levels & places to make noise
  • evidence of celebration
  • temperature or climate control
  • communication systems
  • fun/happy vs sad/depressing
  • evidence of history/tradition
  • student-centered creations

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