Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Local History Inquiry

Take some time to investigate the history and geography of Prince George and its region. Our library has a collection of local history resources to trigger your investigation. Many online sources will support this as well -- the Exploration Place photo collection is a good place to start.  The assignment that follows is straight-forward: as you learn about this history and geography of this region, find a topic you would like to explore in more depth and conduct some basic research.  Document your learning (e.g. record sources and notes -- no more than one page) and prepare something either to display (very small poster or card) or present (quick talk or sharing of your learning) or respond (e.g. a sketch, map, or creative writing).  Keep this assignment "tight" -- 2 days of library time assigned to this up front.

I am putting together a local history page here with some links: http://www.pacificslope.ca/local-history-geography.html

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