Wednesday, November 18, 2009

thinking about heritage

SS10 students are embarking on their heritage projects... many of the current SS11 students have done this, maybe they have advice to offer (ask one!!). Think about the end product, a presentation to class that gives us a glimpse at the important things that "inform" your past. Namely:

1. a graphic representation (like a family tree, a picture-poster, a slideshow)

2. an interview with an elder (family or not) about their experiences in the past

3. share a story, life-lesson, heirloom, ethnic food, heritage skill, artistic performance, or symbolic object

Please be willing to pace it slow so we can ask questions and enjoy your inquiry." Looking for a starter on family research? Google genealogy, family tree, etc., or take a short cut to Rootsweb and plug in your oldest known relative as a starter. If you can't turn anything up after a few searches, move on, and start researching cultural background.

You could also try searching for specific places, histories, flags, maps, icons, images, landscapes, ideas, documents, foods, arts, etc. tied to the culture/s you are researching. Leave a comment here if you find a site worth sharing with the others that could help with the Heritage project.


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