Tuesday, September 29, 2015

So you want to come to Canada?

You are on vacation in another country (you choose which one) and you make friends with someone who is interested in and extended stay or even moving to Canada.  They ask you to tell them what Canada is all about and what they should expect.  They want to know what makes Canada different from other countries.  What do you say? Leave a comment below with your response.


  1. Canada is a great country where we have equality. Most people here are bilingual and very kind. We have wonderful food and amazing scenery. From the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains to the historical beauty of the parliament buildings. However, Canada gets a lot of snow and becomes very cold during the winter. It usually last for about 7-9 months and gets very annoying when it doesn’t stop snowing for days on end. But if you can overlook the snow and the cold, there are places in Canada that are amazing during the winter. For example, Whistler has amazing ski hills and beautiful scenery and cottages. In 2010, Vancouver was the host of the Olympics and whistler was a location where the skiers and snowboarders would compete. The people in Canada have a lot of pride for their country. If you were to go to a hockey game while you are in Canada, you would see that almost everyone supports the sport here. We respect everyone that lives in the country, no matter their religion and culture. You would be making a great choice if you choose to move to this beautiful country.

  2. Canada is a chilled out place there are a lot of different cultures here and two different languages are spoken her also English and French. Canada has a short summer that is warm but not crazy hot here. The winters are long and cold so you would need some summer clothes but a lot of warm clothes for when you are here. There are lots of cool things to do here especially in the winter you can ski, snowboard, play hockey which is are national sport and we are the best at it in the world. Canada has a lot of national pride and Canadians care a lot about their country and are proud of their country. Some of the things that Canadians love are food like poutine and maple syrup. There are a lot of benefits in Canada like free health care people are nice and kind here. We have lots of nice sites and places to go like rocky mountains Banff etc. Overall Canada is a cool chilled out place that is good to visit and live in. Jagr

  3. Canada
    I am currently on vacation in Australia and have met some great people. I have met one person the other day who asked me where I was from, when I replied that I was from Canada, they were so intrigued. They started asking me so many questions on what it is like where I am because they are interested in moving there, and so I decided to give them a brief summary of what Canada is like. Here was my description.
    “Canada is a special place, it has many amazing attributes. We have a great mixture of cultures here; some of us can speak both French and English. We can sometimes have an accent, depending on where you are in our country. If you are farther down by Newfoundland, there will be a stronger more stereotypical accent there, but if you are more up in British Columbia or Alberta, the accent is fainter; but we all say ‘Eh’. Lots of people here are very kind and polite; we often say sorry more than needed. We do spell some of our words with a ‘U’ such as colour and favourite; we also spell gray with an ‘A’. Also the letter ‘zee’ does not exist here, instead we say ‘zed’. The weather is not always the best though, we get about one month spring, one month summer, two months fall, and eight months winter… so be prepared for the snow. We are also very famous for great skills in hockey, and yes going to a hockey game in Canada is quite fun and very intense. The scenery is very beautiful wherever you go, there are lots of mountains and hills and amazing bodies of water. We also have some amazing animals, if you go on a road trip you might see some moose, deer, elk, bears, and maybe even a fox or a wolf. There are also some very delicious foods there that are amazing and make you feel at home. Like poutine, it is just fries that have cheese and gravy on them, but honestly it is one of the very best things you will ever eat. We also have a really great dessert that is called a beavertail; don’t be alarmed because it isn’t actually a beaver’s tail. What it is it’s a flattened out pancake with cinnamon on it. We also have some very rich tasting chocolate; it is sweeter than American chocolate for sure. We also have some strange chips but they taste great, we have ketchup chips and all dressed chips. Trust me they are really good. We are all very proud of our country, we have nationwide pride. On July 1st is Canada day, whenever this day occurs you can find, in almost every city, that the Canadians are celebrating their amazing country. We also have sex equality, we don’t think that men have a higher rank than women do; same sex marriage is also legal there and has been for 10 years. We also have healthcare with is amazing. I hope you choose to come live there, because it is a great place to live.”


  4. Canada is freezing cold and if you can get past the fact we have one month for summer you will love it here. Keep in mind that although we have meters upon meters of snow and ice we also have an aptitude of things to do with it such as, hockey, ice fishing; curling, making snow forts in our backyard, bobsledding and I could go on and on. In that one month of summer we have there are great places for hikes and lake days and an endless supply of beautiful scenery. Some of the animals you are able to find here are moose (of course), beaver, Canadian geese, polar bears, black bears, snow fox and an abundance of snow animals. We are known for our beer mostly Molson Canadian and you can be sure that we remember our please and thank you’s. And if you end up moving here remember we say zed not z.

  5. Canada
    I went on a trip to Ireland because a lot of people in my family who are from there. I met some of my relatives and their friends and they talked a lot about Ireland and their culture and background. They started to ask me questions about living in Canada and what my religion and culture is, they wanted to know because they have thought about moving there but they wanted to know if their religion would be accepted and if we really live in igloos in the winter?
    I started to laugh a little, no we don’t live in igloos we have lots of buildings just as much as here if not more. We also don’t have a set religion or culture and we accept new cultures always. Then they were confused. So no one in Canada has a religion or a certain culture everyone sticks too? No I answered. Canada is full of every culture and religion it is a very diverse community and land. Some people have no culture some people have very different ones. In Canada you are allowed to speak any language you want as long as you know English as well. We are excepting of everyone no matter what, skin, traditions, religion culture, sex and if they are gay/ bisexual. It is a great country we stand for good things, it means we have great winters with skiing, snowboarding, sledding, but we also have hot summers where there are lots of lakes everywhere to swim in. we have a big hockey season and lots of people have much appreciation for it. We don’t have to worry too much about not having education for us and our children because almost everyone around you has been to school at some point in their lives. We have free healthcare and an astonishing amount of goods and services for the less fortunate. There is always clean water around so no one has to worry about the water either. Canada is a great place to live the lands there are very diverse. We have mountains, lakes, rivers, flat lands, and all different weather patterns. Everyone has a great amount of politeness and a great amount of smiles all around for every diverse amount of people.
    They were very happy to hear me talking about how great Canada is they decided they wanted to move their and decided it would be best to just come back with me. I got to show them how truly great it was, and they were very happy in Canada. They even go on holidays once a year and tell everyone they meet about how they moved to Canada and have the best lives anyone ever could have.


  6. There are so many reasons to live in Canada so I wouldn't be surprised if you made up your mind after I tell you why you should live here. Well first we have free health care! Which is awesome if you're clumsy like me. Also we have clean and beautiful landscape so if you like being out doors all the time you will never be bored. We also have the best view of the northern lights and once you see them it will blow your mind. Canada is multicultural so whatever religion you follow I'm sure there are many people that follow it too. Last but not least the best thing about Canada is this lovely thing called a poutine. It's basically French fries gravy and cheese curds and if that doesn't make your mouth water maybe you aren't worthy of taking on Canada eh.

  7. JULY 1ST, 1867
    The Start of a Dominion!

    Today Canada has become a country! The fathers of Confederation; John A. Macdonald, George Brown, Thomas Darcy McGee, Charles Tupper, and George-√Čtienne Cartier have joined together to unite the 4 colonies (Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario, and New Brunswick.) It was supposedly a hard decision to break off with Britain and become separated. As our own country we will be able to make our own decisions, have our own army, and also have our own national defense. Although we are a separate nation, we will still be allied with Britain and share their flag. With Britain not making all of our decisions for us it may be a little odd, but this isn’t a time for doubt this is a time for celebration! We are starting anew yay Canada!