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Confederation Activities

Confederation (encyclopedia article) --

Drag and drop the flags of the 13 provinces and territories in the order of when they joined the Confederation (game) --

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Fathers of Confederation (trivia game) --

Early Settlers Life in Upper Canada 1800's (activities) --

Fathers of Confederation (info/facts) --


Check out some of the above links before beginning your "Confederation News" piece.

Your task: create a headline and brief article for a newspaper on July 1st, 1867 explaining what all the fuss is about. Leave your article as a comment on this blog post. It is highly recommended that you write it our first on a word file and then pasted it in as a comment.


  1. Replies
    1. Merge of the colonies!
      July 1st, 1867
      The planning of a new nation. Enemies Cartier, Brown, and MacDonald come together at the Charlottetown Conference to discuss a maritime union of Canada West and Canada East.
      Upper, Lower, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick will be the first to come together.
      We are promised a railway, federal, and provincial laws in which are to help us be a strong country.
      With this new way we will resolve political deadlo0ck, resolve trade issues, prevent American expansion and improve our defense and transportation. We will also cut some ties with Britain.

  2. Canada?
    July 1st, 1867
    On this day; July first of 1867 the four colonies Canada East, Canada West, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick form together to create one country. The politician John A McDonald plans to do so with a railroad, going through all of the colonies. This is a historic date; we will no longer be just another Colony of Britain. Like The United States of America we have cut our ties to Britain, but we have managed to do it in a nonviolent way. No longer will The United States of America be able to rule the entirety of North America.
    Ryan .K

  3. July 1st 1867
    Nova Scotia times CONFEDERATION

    Yes you read it right we are now part of a country! This morning it was announced that Nova Scotia has joined New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario to form a country! We are now a province in the country of Canada!
    This has been a strategic move made by our leaders for our best interest. This deal has helped us cut our ties with the motherland Britain. It took us two years to become a country, the hard work of our leaders payed off at last as the paperwork was finalized this morning. So today is the birth of our glorious country!

    Sarah Hurley

  4. Confederation!!!
    Today, July 1st 1867 is a great and memorable day! Why? Well Former enemies John A. Macdonald, George Brown, and George-Etienne Cartier have put aside their differences and came together at Charlottetown to discuss a maritime union. From this discussion Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, and Ontario have come together to form a country called Canada. This means that we are now a new province in a new country!
    This will help us cut some of our ties to Britain and help us defend against the United States. It nearly took two years to sign all the documents, but earlier today the final documents were signed and it is official, we are now a Country!

    Aidan Sheppard

  5. What’s all this fuss about?!!
    July 1st, 1867
    Today is July 1st 1867 and the day is here. With the union of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec and Ontario Canada has become a nation. It was created in a serious of conferences. Confederation which would include division of the two Canada’s was posed as a solution to these problems. John Macdonald had the idea the join all the colonies together and create a nation. Charlotte town conference was already underway and discussions for maritime union were not making progress. At the Quebec conference the delegates passes 72 resolutions which explicitly laid out the fundamental decisions made at charlotte town. With this we will also have better transportation and cut ties to Britain.

  6. tehja.O and Emma .VOctober 14, 2015 at 10:37 AM

    1867 confederation notice
    Written by Tehja!!!!! And Emma.v!!!!!
    Attention all citizens of Upper Canada, and Lower Canada York town!
    The colonies have been under tremendous pressure. Supporters of confederation argue that Canada and the other colonies will prosper because barriers between the colonies would end. Trade will also be improved by a new railway.
    Linking the central Colonies to the Maritimes would mean that travelling goods to Europe in a winter could use the Ice free port at Halifax. Access to Halifax would certainly benefit central Canada since the large port of Montreal was closed in winter month. As well, a railway goes all the way to the pacific, to the new colonies of British Columbia and Vancouver Island. Suffering from economic depression, fear of the United States and struggling to organize politically, the colonies were suddenly able to make a deal.

  7. Con-fed-rrrrrrrrr-a-shon

    Today is a good day! Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Ontario have colonized to form a united alliance league. Our founding fathers are john. A MacDonald, Hon George-Étienne Cartier, George Brown, and Charles tucker these four men are carrying us into the future. More on this on pg. 7

    Jason deruigh

  8. Great Day to be Canadian!
    Finally the day is here. July 1st, 1867, marks a new beginning! Today is a birth of a new country, Canada. John A. MacDonald has brought us the union of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec, and Ontario to Create Canada by a document called the British North American Act (BNA). The act was determined after a series of conferences. The first conference was in Charlottetown in 1864. That was when Macdonald, Brown, and Cartier, the three members of the Great Coalition, presented their plan of Confederation. Next was the Quebec Conference. At that conference they worked out all the little details for our new country. Finally, Canada became official on July 1st, 1867. The British Parliament passed the BNA Act and here we are! Hopefully Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island will join soon, but for now we can celebrate Canada!

  9. New Country!

    4 colonies combine to make new living
    This morning is the day we finally become our own country! Nova Scotia, Ontario, New Brunswick and Quebec have come together to become and make a new country. John A. Macdonald, George Brown, Thomas Darcy McGee, Charles Tupper, and George-Étienne Cartier have all come together to become our new leaders. It was a tough decision to leave Britain and become our own but it was a smart move by us as well. We will be able to make our own decisions, military and be able to have our own national defense. We will still be allied with Britain and keep the same flag for now. It will take some time to get used to and it might be weird not having Britain making our decisions, but I’m sure we will get used to it real quick. This is great news folks we are our own now! This is the new beginning for our lives and it will sure be a great one.

    JULY 1, 1867

    As of today Canada has become a nation. Four fathers of confederation have created a country made of four provinces, Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The four fathers are John A. Macdonald, Louis Joseph Papineau, George brown and George Etinenne Cartier. There has been talk of an intercolonial railroad from Quebec to British Columbia.

  11. New Country?!
    July 1st, 1867
    Today is a wonderful day because Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario have come together to form a country called Canada. This all happened in Charlottetown to discuss a maritime union, our former enemies A. Macdonald, George Brown, and George-Etienne Cartier have put away their differences to help make this all possible. We also have cut ties with Britain; therefore we are now no longer just another colony of Britain. We are our own country! Today we celebrate the birth of this new country and what the future might hold!

  12. New County
    July 01, 1876
    Today is a day to be remembered, as three enemies, John A MacDonald, George Brown and George-Etienne Cartier joined forces at the Charlottetown conference to make a maritime union between New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec and Ontario. They have promised that they will build a railroad and make laws to ensure that we will be a strong and united country. Some important benefits that we expect to gain from confederation are: that we resolve the issue of political deadlock, we resolve our trade issues, we will prevent American expansion, we will improve our defense against attacks, and we will have improved transportation. Maybe most notable, is that we will cut most ties with Britain. This is the day we are officially known as a country, and why this day now is officially known as Canada Day.